International Graphite receives funding to develop its Springdale-Collie project

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International Graphite receives funding to develop its Springdale-Collie project

  • Reitumetse Chalale

The Australian government has awarded International Graphite a AUD4.7M (US$3.1M) grant for the development of the integrated Springdale - Collie graphite project.

The grant was attained through Australia's Critical Minerals Development Program and funds are expected to be available from the 1st of June 2023. International Graphite plans on using the grant to advance feasibility studies for the Springdale graphite mine, advance a battery anode material manufacturing plant at Collie and start construction of a planned graphite manufacturing plant at Collie.

International Graphite signed a sales agreement with Comet Resources in October 2021, creating a mine-to-market integrated operation focused on producing micronised - battery anode material. According to the agreement, International Graphite acquired the Springdale graphite project from Comet Resources for A$8M (US$5.2M) and Springdale will supply graphite concentrate to International Graphite's Collie plant for processing and refining. Before 2015, small tonnages of graphite were mined in Western Australia, but not at a commercial scale. In November 2022, the successful trial production of micronised and spheriodised graphite at Collie’s pilot plant marked a significant development in Australia’s graphite and battery industry.

Overall, the Australian government has approved close to AUD50M (US$32.6M) in critical minerals projects with intentions to create diverse supply chains, domestic downstream processing facilities and meet net-zero commitments by 2050. The funded projects will not only cover critical minerals for electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries but will also include advanced manufacturing for aerospace, medical, energy and defence applications.